10 Signs You’re a Cyberchondriac

Isn’t it great having Dr Google everywhere you go at your fingertips? BUT it’s all fun and games until WedMD says you have a rare disease and you have 12 months to live!

Here are 10 Signs that mean You’re a Cyberchondriac:

1. Every time you feel a slight tingle, ache or pain – you Google what it means to relieve anxiety

2. You read at least 3 different sites on the first search page of Google – one source is never enough!


3. Instead of becoming less stressed, you become anxious and worried because you’re focusing on the worse case scenario

4. You then check online forums for reassurance and further clarification – at this point, you’ve definitely diagnosed yourself and are thinking the worse


5. Rather than just ‘Googling’ the symptom, you start ‘Googling’ the disease you believe you have. And ALL of the symptoms and causes seem to relate to you

6. You’re convinced you have an extremely rare disease! You’re tingle, ache or pain all of a sudden is so much worse

Internet pharmacy
Internet pharmacy

7. You send the website links to your partner or best friend to inform them you have an incurable rare disease

8. The more you read, the more worried you are


9. You distract yourself from the real reason you opened up the Internet browser

10. You believe Google, more than your professional GP. When you visit your doctor, you try to educate him on what you read on Google.


Don’t let the web, get to your head!

Stop Dr Google.


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